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Yoga, Breath, Movement & More...

Just like bodywork, yoga, breath and intentional movement create a synchronicity throughout the body and mind. The actual definition of yoga is union. We believe that more intention helps build union which creates joy though finding ease and a pain free body, especially in a lifestyle that Sun Valley can harness.

"Let Your Yoga DanceTM"

MAY 22nd
6:30 ARRIVE/ 6:45 START
(by donation, suggested donation $5-$18)
@ Flourish Foundation
1030 Airport Way, Hailey Idaho

Join Karen in a joyful journey of movement, self expression, fascial unwinding & fun. This guided class is a blend of yoga, dance & positive psychology. It's a safe place for all bodies, dance skills, where the deep & sacred meet joy and fun.


 Vinyasa, Hatha, Chakra, Pre-Post Natal, Mommy-N-Me 

Yoga is a practice that creates union of the body and mind, we focus on grounding. On creating a feeling of connectedness and being. Classes vary, from vinyasa flow, to Hatha awareness to inner child or family yoga. Each class is uniquely built  with intention for those who attend and the space we are in.


One may think that breath is regulated in harmony but the truth is the subconscious may take the breathe away as easily as pull an overabundance of oxygen. Throughout our life we build patterns, patterns of body movement , patterns of mental stress, patterns we may not be aware of. The best way to regulate the body is through breath and learning breathing exercises, practicing breath regularly can create a chemical and physical change in the body. Sometimes its the missing pice in pain management.

Joyful Movement

"Let Your Yoga Dance" 

Let Your Yoga Dance is where fun and joy meet deep and sacred. It blends yoga, dance and "Positive Phycology" to create intentional movement and free thy self. It Its mission is to spread joy and conscience throughout the world by transmitting Body Health, Brain Health, Heart Health and Soul Health to ALL. This class is for ALL bodies, ages, abilities, coordination levels or dance enthusiasm levels. It is a way to release the fascia, patterns, muscles and mind, while building strength, flexibility, positive consciences and community... all while having fun. 

Laughing Yoga
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