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Essential Guidelines

We would like to share some tips to make our time the most indelibly zen experience we can achieve.


We are a professional wellness team with a suite in the heart of downtown Ketchum.

How to prepare:

-Please be timely. Late starts may not be able to be extended, our time together is cherished, please plan accordingly. 

-First time In-Office clients please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time to complete Health History Forms.

-All house calls require two plus hours of booking, meaning a 110 minute massage, or two hours or more of massage for multiple clients.

-Please make sure when scheduling at home services you allow for 15 minutes of set up, 15 minutes of breakdown along with add 5-10 minutes in between each recipient.  (ex.15min+60min+5min+60min+15min=2hours & 35min for 2-60min services at your home)

-Please have a quiet relaxing space in mind approximately 8' by 7' or larger to fit a massage table with space to walk around. (16' by 12' for side by side couples services).

-Showering, soaking, steaming and hydrating before your service and before we arrive, will warm the body and allow for a more effective service. Those coming up in altitude are encouraged to hydrate before and after a massage.

-Please plan your workouts prior to massages to prevent injury.

-Dress down to your level of comfort, this is a professional service and we expect a professional modesty, as we will drape the undressed body to cover in a discreet manner. Wearing a robe, street clothes or towel while not in session is recommended.

- All minors under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver from a legal guardian, along with minors under the age 16 must be accompanied by an adult during the entire service or services.

Best advice for an Indelible service:

-Take deep breathes and concentrate on breathing through the nose, the more oxygen you bring in the more it will allow the muscles to relax and the mind to wander, allowing for a deeper relaxation.

-Feel free to converse, but it is not necessary. Your body and mind will appreciate quiet time.

-Allow the body to relax, we will move you, or ask you to move if needed.

Payment and Gratuity:

-We require 50% non-refundable deposit when booking via credit card. Please read cancelation policy for more details.

- We accept credit cards, but are unable to accept HSA debit cards.

-Gratuity is appreciated but not mandated. We believe it is a show of appreciation for services well done. 

-General gratuity guideline; if you like it 10-15%, if you enjoyed it very much 15-20%, if you loved it 20-25%.

-We have cash gratuity envelopes in each office and by request for home services.

Booking & Cancelation Policy:

-All BOOKING, RESCHEDULING and CANCELING will be done online. 

-Booking any appointment will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. NO exceptions.

-This deposit may be one time transferred towards a new appointment time when rescheduled before 48 hours of the original scheduled time. NO exceptions.

-All scheduled and cancelled appointments will receive a confirmation to the linked email address of the scheduled client, this confirmation will have a link for cancelations. Please use a valid email so that you have access to avoid issues. 

-Failure to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance or failure to show up for your appointment will result in a minimum charge of 100% of the scheduled appointment fee via invoice that will automatically be sent to the email linked to your appointment. 

-Un-notified late arrivals 20 minutes past the start of your scheduled appointment time, will be considered a failure to show up for your appointment and will result in a charge of 100% of the scheduled appointment fee via invoice that will automatically be sent to the email linked to your appointment.

-ALL invoiced payments are due with in 72 hours of the missed or cancelled appointment.

-ALL future appointments will be cancelled till payment is received and no future appointments may be made without payment of missed service fee invoice. No exceptions.

-It is the responsibility of the client to book with preferred therapist (Karen or Ben) at time of booking. Refunds will not be granted for negligence, all cancelations policies will occur.

-If you arrive sick, you will be charged deposit fee and denied service. Please don't gamble, it is best to reschedule.

-Please be mindful and respectful while booking services, understanding that missed services result in financial burdens for our small business, family and missed massages for those wanting. Let’s have each others back.

We are always here to answer respectful questions or concerns. Feel free to connect.

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