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Be Indelibly Zen 

*indelibly: /in-del-i-bly/
adverbin a way that can not be forgotten or removed
adjectivepeaceful and calm
*zen: /zen/

Happy New Year!

2024 is going to be GREAT!

This is Karen's 20th Year Practicing Muscle Therapy!

By Appointment ONLY.
Customize your Indelible experience.


Ancient therapy targeting specific points on the ear to stimulate healing. 

Therapeutic Massage

A blend of massage techniques, to guide you through a personal journey of wellbeing, alignment, ease of tension and pain management.


Amethyst Infared BioMatt



Crystal Therapy


Dry Brush

Hand/Foot Treatment

Hot Stone

Infrared Therapy


Scalp Treatment

Body Treatments

Infared Sauna Detox Body Wrap

Infared Sauna Slimming Body Wrap

Infared Sauna Muscle Relief Wrap

Zen Meditative Massage

Massage specifically for stress reduction and rejuvenating.

On-Site Yoga





Pre/Post Natal

Baby N' Me

Kids Yoga Play


Click below to book!

380 Washington Ave, Suite 201, Ketchum, Idaho 83353

On the second floor of the Washington Ave Plaza, above The Toy Store & across from Johnny G's Sub Shack. Please use south side entrance to enter our quiet waiting area. To access front door to waiting area use the stairs located by Glow Live Foods Cafe and parking area or arrive to north side stairs and use the hallway to south side, from eastside alleyway use ramp and wrap around to southside.


“The best massage I've ever had, and I have had a lot of massages”-

"It amazes me how such deep therapeutic work can be achieved in such a relaxing matter."

— Deborah Quinney

— Kayle Hoffman

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